With Christmas 2019 around the corner, we thought we’d help you with some gift ideas! Here is a list of three top hair and beauty gifts you can get for your loved ones this year from our store. Our products focus on natural ingredients first. We believe in embracing your natural roots and living in your primal beauty!

black soap shower creme

Black Soap Shower Creme

Our Black Soap Shower Wash has a strong natural fragrance of lemongrass that is released when mixed with water. The rich ingredients, including amino silk and black soap, effectively cleanse your skin when in a nice hot shower. It creates the scene of being in a fresh meadow, right before you moisturise your skin, making you feel even fresher!

primal beauty black soap hydrating shampoo

Black Soap Anti-Breakage and Hydrating Shampoo

The easy flowing consistency of this shampoo lavishes easily throughout your hair. Making it a stress-free process to massage into your scalp when cleansing and spreading the product throughout the hair. Our shampoo is sulfate-free and designed to hydrate as well as cleanse, so it won’t leave your hair feeling rigid and dry.

Black Soap Intense Leave-In Conditioner

This leave-in conditioner softens and moisturises your damp or wet tresses. If you’re loved one is looking for a hair moisturiser and detangler, this is the best product suited for this in our range. Use after shampooing and conditioning, or after spraying some water on the hair. This the perfect prep and combo before applying the leave-in to then evenly throughout the hair.

We hope this list of hair and beauty gifts has given you some ideas for Christmas 2019.

As Black Friday is approaching, we also have a range of sales up for offer! Browse our store to see what bargains you can get! We are releasing a new product soon, so watch out for that too!

From all of us at Primal Beauty,

Have a Very Merry Christmas!

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