Did you or did you not know that, the same that nutritious food that’s good  for your body also promote stronger, healthier hair. So if you don’t eat a good healthy diet, your hair suffer.

The reason for this is your hair doesn’t contain vitamins – it is not a living structure. If you’re eating a balanced, nutritious diet there is very little benefit gained from taking hair vitamins and supplements.

Eating low-fat proteins, dairy products, fruits, vegetables and whole grains you can help your hair growth without supplements.

If you are not  eating a well balanced, nutritious diet, or have a medical condition or imbalance, you might need to consider taking vitamin supplements  to help your hair  growth. Please consult your doctor to determine if a multivitamin is right for you.

Advice: Eat a healthy, well-balanced, nutritious diet this is much better than vitamin supplements.

Although there is no evidence  that exercise has any direct benefit on the health of your hair, there are many other benefits of exercise  ie. weight loss/control, mitigating health conditions, boosting your energy and many other things. Exercise regularly  it reduces stress and promotes general health – which indirectly can have substantive impacts on the success of your natural hair.

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