Has your hair had a tough year? Well, a new year, is a new opportunity to make healthy hair goals. This post suggests 7 tips for healthy hair in 2020.

1. Moisturise

Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner

As black hair textures tend to be drier in nature, extra care to moisturize is needed. Our Hydrating Leave-In conditioner helps lavishly moisturise your tresses and make it a softer texture when applied to wet or damp hair, usually after shampooing and conditioning.

2. Protective Hairstyles

Twists protective hairstyles

During winter months, in particular, protective hairstyles like twists or wigs help protect your hair from the harsh climate.

3. Shampoo And Condition

Black Soap Shampoo

Trichologists recommend shampooing and conditioning your hair between 4-7 days. Our black soap shampoo and Intense Detangling Conditioner are a great match for this.

4. Don’t Play With Your Hair

Girl playing with hair

Whether you have a protective hairstyle or your natural hairs out, try to avoid playing with your hair! We know as your hair grows, the newfound length can be tempting to play with, but playing and manipulating with it too much could cause breakage.

5. Trim Your Hair

Hair Trim

With newfound length, some may avoid trimming, but in order to limit single strand knots, dead ends and split ends, trimming is an essential component of achieving and maintaining healthy hair and retaining length.

6. Limit Heat

Hair Heat Dryer

Too much heat is not good for your hair, as it could cause heat damage. However, in the case where you do use heat, ensure you use a heat protector.

7. Suitable Hair Tools

Hair Tools

Using suitable hair tools for natural hair, like the EZ Detangler brush is important to maintain healthy hair. Be gentle when detangling.

We hope these healthy hair tips for natural hair help you achieve your hair goals for 2020. Please feel free to share your hair goals in the comments.

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