As we progress into the summer season and as lockdown eases, our hair needs extra protection. Here are 7 tips on how to protect your natural hair from the sun.

1. Moisturise Regularly

Hydrating leave in conditioner to protect natural hair from the sun

This may seem like an obvious point, but sometimes it can be easy to get mesmerised by the sun and forget the importance of adding that extra moisture to your tresses. Our Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner is designed to impart moisture to your hair and our Raw Coconut oil can be used to seal in that moisture.

2. Avoid Heat To Protect Natural Hair From The Sun

hair straighteners with magazine

Avoid using straighteners or hair dryers during the summertime. The summer heat will allow your hair to air dry fairly quickly and sunny weather is a great time to show off your natural beauty, so put the straighteners down!

3. Use A Hair Masque

Argon oil Deep Treatment masque to protect natural hair from the sun

Treating your hair to the care it deserves is key to allowing it to flourish. Our Argon Oil Deep Treatment Masque is designed to help restore dry and damaged hair. We would recommend using this at least once a month.

4. Cowash Regularly To Protect Natural Hair From The Sun

Intensive Detangling Conditioner to protect natural hair from the sun

Co-washing is washing your hair with conditioner alone. Doing this more regularly in the summer helps increase moisture. Our Intensive Detangling Conditioner is designed for this and it’s recommended to do this at least once a week in the summer.

5. Wear A Headwrap

headwrap style to protect natural hair from the sun

If you want a break from the direct heat from the sun onto your hair, wearing a headwrap can form that barrier, whilst still looking stylish!

6. Deep Condition To Protect Natural Hair From The Sun

moisturising hair

When you condition your hair in your wash routine, deep conditioning allows the properties of the conditioner to seep through into the roots of your hair. This allows for a more thorough treatment, which enhances moisture and strengthens your strands.

7. Switch To A Hydrating Shampoo

Hydrating shampoo

Summer is a good time to switch to Our Miracle Hydrating Shampoo. This is because incorporating moisture into each step of your natural hair routine is more necessary in the hot weather.

We hope these tips have helped you to better understand how to protect natural hair from the sun.

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