Spending more time at home means more time to invest in our natural hair routine this season and have our tresses flourishing for the summer. Hopefully, by then, the quarantine will be over!

1. Shampoo In Your Natural Hair Routine

Miracle Hydration Shampoo Natural Hair Routine

Cleansing your hair regularly, no less than 2 times a month, is important to keep your hair and scalp fresh and clean. Product built up from moisturizing and sealing your hair should be washed from your tresses. At Primal Beauty, we have a Black Soap Shampoo and our Miracle Hydrating Shampoo. Both designed to cleanse your hair, but one with more emphasis on hydrating your hair once used.

2. Condition

Intensive Detangling Conditioner Natural Hair Routine

Our Intensive Detangling Conditioner does what it says on the bottle. It’s easy to lavish through and detangle your strands.

3. Deep Condition

Using an electronic conditioning cap for 20 minutes, or a shower cap for a few hours after applying conditioner helps to allow the conditioner to soak into your tresses. It absorbs all the good properties of the product and also helps soften your strands.

4. Masque Treatment In Your Natural Hair Routine

Argon Oil Deep Treatment Masque

Treating your hair with a masque, like our Argon Oil Deep Treatment Masque for no less than 2 times a month helps to strengthen your strands. Natural hair is unique, but it is also fragile. Therefore, it does need to be treated delicately, with care. Hair masques are a great way of doing this.

5. Leave-In Conditioner

Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner Natural Hair Routine

Using a leave-in conditioner is a great way to help leave your hair feeling moisturized after shampooing and conditioning your hair.

6. Detangling Spray

When moisturizing your hair, our Calm Coil Detangler is designed to unravel any knots and soften your tresses, to make for simpler styling. Simply spray before moisturizing with a cream.

7. Seal In Your Natural Hair Routine

When moisturizing your hair, sealing in the moisture in your hair with oil enhances the amount of time the moisture stays in your hair. Some refer to this process as the LCO or LOC method. The Acronym stands for Liquid, Cream, Oil or Liquid, Oil, Cream, depending on the order you fulfill the sequence. We have a range of natural oils for you to choose from to seal in the moisture from your hair.

We hope these steps to a natural hair routine help you through quarantine. Please share with fellow naturalistas this season and stay safe!

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