With many of us spending a lot more time at home, we may turn to find more creative ways of styling our purely natural hair in all its glory. Here, we have compiled a list of 7 simple natural hairstyles:

Headscarf Wrap

There are endless headscarf styles you could experiment with this season. The beauty of this is that you could braid or twist your natural hair in jumbo size underneath and simply headwrap your desired style. It is a quick and easy solution for a protective and stylish hairstyle. Any scarf big enough to fit your head is a good enough tool to use for this style. We are leaning towards resourcefulness especially this season!

Twist-out Ponytail

twist-out ponytail

If you’re not sure how to cornrow, flat twisting is an easy alternative. Once you’ve unravelled them, why not it gather it up in one to create a twist out ponytail effect? You could style the front with a flat twist too.

Two Afro Puffs

two afro puffs

This a classic cute style. Probably one of the easiest you’ll be able to do with natural hair. Simply part the middle of your hair and tie each side in two puffs.


simple natural hairstyles afro

Another simple natural hairstyle is letting your fro glow by leaving it out in its angelic form. If you want to make it more of a well-rounded shape, afro pick’s were made for this. Be bold with your fro!

Stretched Hair

simple natural hairstyles stretched hair

If you want to really see the length of your hair and the progress it has made, without straightening it, stretching your hair is a great way to do this. You can either use a blowdryer brush or as a heat-free alternative (which is usually the better option), try threading your hair. Either of these methods will achieve stretching your hair.

French Braids

simple natural hairstyles french braids

French braids are also a classic natural hairstyle. Braiding in two jumbo-sizes at either side of your head is all that is required. To learn how to braid and achieve this style, check out this tutorial.

Half Braid, Half Afro

simple natural hairstyles half afro half braided

You can also try the dynamic duo of afro puff and cornrows. This gives your face a clean look, whilst also showing off your glorious afro puff!

We hope this list of simple natural hairstyles helps you out whilst in quarantine. Please feel free to tag us with your styles on our Instagram @primalbeautynatural.

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