Gifts For Naturalistas: Top 7 Christmas 2020

Christmas will be different this year as we will be limited with how many people we can invite round. So, this may mean we may send more gifts out this year. This post is a guide for gifts for naturalistas in Christmas 2020:

1. Luxury Hamper Gifts For Naturalistas

If you’re looking for a basket full of natural hair care products to pamper a naturalista with, our Luxury Hamper is designed just for this!

Containing some of our skin-care best-sellers, including our Shea Butter with Coconut Butter and award-winning Black Soap Shampoo, this basket will be received with joy by any naturalista.

2. Pamper & Glow Hamper

For those who are into skincare, our Pamper & Glow Gift Basket has a host of products rich with great ingredients to help your skin.

Some of the products included in this hamper include our Cocoa Butter Lotion and Dead Sea Salt Scrub.

3. Skin Brightening Serum

The winter months are colder and therefore can draw the colour out of our skin, causing us to look paler.

Thankfully, our Skin brightening serum has come to help with this! As well as brightening skin tones, this natural blend of oils also helps to clear and correct uneven skin tones.

4. Beard Oil Gifts For Naturalistas

We haven’t forgotten about our men either! Beardruff (Beard dandruff) forms when the underlying skin is dry and flakes. Our Beard Oil restores moisture levels and helps prevent beardruff. It’s a great gift to help keep beards manageable.

5. Ayurvedic Rapid Hair Growth Creme

With many of us being inside more, it’s a good opportunity to focus on reaching any hair goals we may have.

Our Ayurvedic Rapid Hair Growth Creme is designed to help those who struggle with hair loss or hair damage.

Gifting someone with this could be a way to help them see their hair as a project to help them reach their hair growth goals.

6. Argan Oil Deep Treatment Masque

Hair treatment is a key part of any naturalistas hair regime. Our Argon Oil Deep Treatment Masque helps to repair damaged tresses, as well as moisturise dry brittle strands.

7. Detangling Brush Gifts For Naturalistas

Black hair textures are incredibly diverse and delicate. So, it’s important to use the right tools when detangling.

A flexible bristle brush, like EZ detangler, is great for thicker hair textures, especially when th’ hair is wet or damp.

We hope this gifts for naturalists guide has helped you with some ideas for Christmas 2020, despite how different it may look.

From all the team at Primal Beauty, we wish you a very (and safe) Merry Christmas this year!

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