Black Seed Oil 100ml


A natural anti-inflammatory and emollient that helps to combat the affects as ageing as well as acne, making it a perfect addition to facial cleansers, moisturisers and creams.

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A precious and versatile cosmetic ingredient, Black Seed Oil is a natural emollient which has powerful moisture locking abilities making it an excellent cosmetic ingredient for skin care.

Traditionally used to combat signs of ageing, indigestion and treating allergies, it’s no wonder that Black Seed Oil has been described as a “miraculous” oil too.

Acting as both a natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory, Black Seed Oil is an incredibly effective oil when used in acne treatments particularly for breakouts and allergic reactions in the skin.

This oil helps to balance out the production of sebum in the skin, making it wonderful for sensitive facial treatments without over-drying or causing any skin imbalances.

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Black Seed Oil


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