Hemp Seed Oil – 100ml


This food grade oil has a remarkable fatty acid content including GLAs. Wonderful in all bath and body applications. This oil is unrefined.



Rich in essential fatty acids such as gamma linolenic acid and oleic acid, hemp seed oil helps to prevent moisture loss as well as aids in the prevention of wrinkles and fine lines. Similar to hazelnut
oil, hemp seed oil does not leave a greasy or thick feeling on skin, making it excellent for skin care, and due to its high linolenic acid content, perfect for oily or acne prone skin. It also helps to treat dry, cracked skin and improve blood circulation when used on its own and if mixed with your favourite cosmetic formulae it can create the ideal, hydrating skin treatment.

Hemp seed oil is prized for its excellent moisturising effect on skin. The profile of its essential fatty acids closely resembles the skin’s natural lipids, helping it to battle the effects of dehydration and protecting against dry skin. Hemp seed oil is naturally rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 oils, and is an excellent source of vitamin E.

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